Why should you live in an ugly apartment when you can find beautiful homes for sale easily? Here are some tips for finding beautiful homes for sale in Columbia, South Carolina.


1. Think outside the box

Envisage the possibilities with a house, not limiting yourself to the current configuration of the walls. "Also, do not immediately dismiss a striking interior. Sometimes a feature wall or an unusual color scheme just needs a little time to show his brilliance. If the house has been well designed, buying off the shelf can save you from a costly, disruptive renovation project later.

2. Get visual evidence

Take your own photos. These are much more useful than glossy shots agents take. Take a video on your phone, too. That way you have something to refer to when the properties start to fade in your brains.

3. Get enough information from your agent

Information, such as; why the sellers are moving (death, debt and divorce)? How long has the property been on the market? How many offers were made? What is the lowest price they would accept? You will be surprised how easily an agent will respond, provided you show genuine interest in the property.

4. Plan coordinated raids

Viewing homes in a scattered way just doesn't work. Take too long on your viewings, there is a risk that you might decide you want the first house you saw. By that time it is sold already.

Put aside a whole day, and do some sightseeing (six is the absolute maximum, according to Allsopp-Spencer Partnership). Also, go on a weekday. Agents will give you more time than on weekends.

5. Trust your instincts

To get results, you have to go with your gut feeling. You can be equipped with all the facts, maps and flowcharts, but experience tells us that the clinching factor in any purchase of real estate is human instinct.