Buying your first home is a different experience for everyone.  Home buyers tend to be over the age of 25, but  many would say it is overwhelming and even intimidating for everyone.  No matter your age or experience with real estate you might find yourself stressing out.  It is common for first time home buyers to be confused, understandably so. There are numerous things to consider when buying your first home. Here are some tips:



    This includes the different financing programs available to you. Get estimates from reliable sources.  Some finance programs will work for some houses, while others will not.  Some loans offer down payment assistance while others lack private mortgages insurance on them.  Knowing your budget assists your Realtor by allowing them to see what is realistically available to you.  It is also beneficial to you because it gives you a black and white layout of the possibilities. 


    When meeting with your Realtor for the first time you need to have an outline for what is imperative for your family or you to have in your next home.  If you have children, what school districts are you looking into?  If you have pets, do you need to have access to dog parks and need to be in the city?  Do you want more space and no neighbors in sight? Then maybe a house outside of the city is the best option for you.  Knowing what is non-negotiable for you first home is important.  It allows you and the Realtor to automatically get on the same page. 


    • There is a big difference on what you need and want.  Some things you cannot live without and others are just a dream that maybe you cannot achieve with your first home purchase. Recognizing it early will assist your Realtor and you. 



    • Buying your first home is a milestone and picking a house that suits you is important to you and to us.  Renting ends up being much more expensive and in the long run it is not a viable option for most and living with family does not always work out.  Your perfect house is out there and with help we can get you a key!