Nov. 17, 2016

Community Service

On November 22nd W Realty hopes you will join our staff in supporting a fellow South Carolinan. Donna Linares is a family friend of W Realty and we are extremely thankful for this opportunity to help out a friend.  From 5 p.m. To 8 p.m. We are sponsoring a 10% night at Texas Roadhouse located at 400 Columbiana Drive Columbia, South Carolina.  Texas Roadhouse is donating 10% of every check to Donna.  Just by eating dinner you are helping us help her!

About her :

Donna woke up one morning experincing double vision.  At first, she ignored this, figuring it would go away.  Eventually, she went to the eye doctor, who upon consultation referred her to a neurologist.  The neurologist proceeded by running several tests and came back with news that Donna would most likely be in a wheelchair within the next ten years.  Her first thought was only for the wellbeing of her son and how would she care for him.  Multiple Sclerosis or MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the central nervous system.  It's symptoms vary from numbness and tingiling to paralysis and blindness. Diagnosed at 29, Donna's MS was managble for ten years before her symptoms began to grow.  The injections used to combat her symptoms had horrible side effects that were more debiltating then the symptoms themselves.  Today, she cannot walk unaided, has cognitve function problems, and bladder problems, just to name a few.

 Why she needs our help:

Donna is traveling out of the country to get Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantion or HSCT, a chemotherapy proceduere that utilzies the patient's own stem cells to reboot the immune system.  The patient's stem cells are removed, the patient is then given chemotherapy, and then the patient's stem cells are placed back in their body.  Even though this procedure has proven a 90% success rate and used in trials on MS for the past twenty years, it is not approved by the FDA in the United States for MS.  In today's hospitals this procedure is done everyday for Lukemia and Lymphoma.  While there is a trial for  MS patients in Chicago, Illinois, Donna does not qualify.  She along with so many others has to travel out of the country to get her second chance at life.  With this procedure, she could walk again and live without pain, her cognitive functions will improve and she can have a normal life.

As a small business in a big pond, we want to make a difference, not only to our clients and staff but to those who share our community.  The greater columbia area is our home and we know it's yours too, so help us help her.  Grab a steak and a sweet tea and donate to Donna.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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Nov. 2, 2016

Buying your first Home!






Buying your first home is a different experience for everyone.  Home buyers tend to be over the age of 25, but  many would say it is overwhelming and even intimidating for everyone.  No matter your age or experience with real estate you might find yourself stressing out.  It is common for first time home buyers to be confused, understandably so. There are numerous things to consider when buying your first home. Here are some tips:



    This includes the different financing programs available to you. Get estimates from reliable sources.  Some finance programs will work for some houses, while others will not.  Some loans offer down payment assistance while others lack private mortgages insurance on them.  Knowing your budget assists your Realtor by allowing them to see what is realistically available to you.  It is also beneficial to you because it gives you a black and white layout of the possibilities. 


    When meeting with your Realtor for the first time you need to have an outline for what is imperative for your family or you to have in your next home.  If you have children, what school districts are you looking into?  If you have pets, do you need to have access to dog parks and need to be in the city?  Do you want more space and no neighbors in sight? Then maybe a house outside of the city is the best option for you.  Knowing what is non-negotiable for you first home is important.  It allows you and the Realtor to automatically get on the same page. 


    • There is a big difference on what you need and want.  Some things you cannot live without and others are just a dream that maybe you cannot achieve with your first home purchase. Recognizing it early will assist your Realtor and you. 



    • Buying your first home is a milestone and picking a house that suits you is important to you and to us.  Renting ends up being much more expensive and in the long run it is not a viable option for most and living with family does not always work out.  Your perfect house is out there and with help we can get you a key!


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Dec. 1, 2015

How to get Pre-Approved




There are lots of benefits to getting a preapproved mortgage when you’re going house hunting. Chief of these is that a preapproved loan provides an individual with concrete idea about how much cash they can borrow at a lender. A lender will conduct an in-depth financial review to learn the borrower's financial history. This process calls for the borrower to prepare a mortgage application even before a property has been chosen. 


Here are 4 suggestions about getting a preapproved mortgage:


1. Shop for Alternatives

When looking for a preapproved loan, talk to at least three different mortgage lenders. This is simply because different lenders have got different deals, so you will be able to discover the home finance loan package that best suits your family needs.


2. Prepare Your Fiscal Documents

Upon selecting your mortgage company, the lender would inform you about the financial documents you'll want to prepare for the in-depth audit that it needs to perform. This is so that they can verify the borrowers' cash flow, assets, and credit to ensure that the borrowers can make the necessary monthly home loan repayments.


3. View Deadlines

All preapproval letters have due dates. These dates vary among lenders, but in general, these letters are only valid for three months. This means that if you still have not found the property that is right for you, then you will have to contact your lender to get an extension to help you re-validate the preapproved mortgage letter.


4. Watch Your Credit Score

It is practical for a loan request to decrease your credit ranking. However, this excludes any inquiry in your pre-existing student loan, automobile loan, or property loan requests which you have made at least one month prior. But the good news is that if you have multiple requests for new loans, it will be calculated as one loan inquiry in your credit score the following months thereafter.


Nov. 23, 2015

Find your Dream Home!


Why should you live in an ugly apartment when you can find beautiful homes for sale easily? Here are some tips for finding beautiful homes for sale in Columbia, South Carolina.


1. Think outside the box

Envisage the possibilities with a house, not limiting yourself to the current configuration of the walls. "Also, do not immediately dismiss a striking interior. Sometimes a feature wall or an unusual color scheme just needs a little time to show his brilliance. If the house has been well designed, buying off the shelf can save you from a costly, disruptive renovation project later.

2. Get visual evidence

Take your own photos. These are much more useful than glossy shots agents take. Take a video on your phone, too. That way you have something to refer to when the properties start to fade in your brains.

3. Get enough information from your agent

Information, such as; why the sellers are moving (death, debt and divorce)? How long has the property been on the market? How many offers were made? What is the lowest price they would accept? You will be surprised how easily an agent will respond, provided you show genuine interest in the property.

4. Plan coordinated raids

Viewing homes in a scattered way just doesn't work. Take too long on your viewings, there is a risk that you might decide you want the first house you saw. By that time it is sold already.

Put aside a whole day, and do some sightseeing (six is the absolute maximum, according to Allsopp-Spencer Partnership). Also, go on a weekday. Agents will give you more time than on weekends.

5. Trust your instincts

To get results, you have to go with your gut feeling. You can be equipped with all the facts, maps and flowcharts, but experience tells us that the clinching factor in any purchase of real estate is human instinct.

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